Stay connected to your seasonal home — and save.

The Seasonal Convenience Plan Enrollment is designed for seasonal residents in select markets. You can put your FiberCast TV, Internet and Voice on hold while you’re away – for just a low monthly fee. And, enrollment is free! Plus:

  • No disconnect, reconnect, or installation charges
  • No need to drop off or pick up equipment
  • Your home phone number and email address stay the same

How does the Seasonal Convenience Plan work?

You can put your FiberCast services on hold with no reconnection charge — availability and plans vary by location. This is one of the great benefits of the Seasonal Convenience Plan. You’ll enjoy the convenient, no-waiting, hassle-free method of having your FiberCast services activated at no extra cost before you return. You can even keep your equipment in your home while you’re away.

How do I pay for the Seasonal Convenience Plan?

You pay reduced rates based on your service level. Payment can be made by enrolling in our Auto-Pay paperless billing program. You can receive statements electronically.

I’m currently paying a promotional discounted rate for service. Will that rate continue when I return?

You can keep your promotional rate as long as it does not expire during the time you are on the Seasonal Convenience Plan. The expiration date of your promotion remains the same and will not be extended while you are on the Seasonal Convenience Plan.

I’m currently under a contract term for service. Can I enroll in Seasonal Convenience Plan?

Seasonal Convenience Plan is only available for non-contract services. If you’re in a contract term, you will have to pay early termination fees.

Can I access my smart home devices while I’m away?

Now you can stay connected and control devices like a smart thermostat or security cameras from afar with Seasonal FiberCast Internet Access.

How long can I keep the Seasonal Convenience Plan?

You can put your account on seasonal hold up to 6 months.


Monthly Charge
Seasonal FiberCast Internet Service $10.00
Seasonal FiberCast Internet Access (2mbps/2mbps) $29.95
Seasonal FiberCast Voice $10.00
Seasonal FiberCast TV $10.00

Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Limited to residential customers. Not all services eligible. Availability and plans vary by location. FiberCast services will move from suspend to active status on the date requested and monthly recurring charges for those services will then apply. 7-Day advance notice is required. Moving in or out of Seasonal Convenience Plan will be billed at full billing cycle (1st to end of month). Expiration dates for promotions are not changed or extended by the Seasonal Convenience Plan. If a promotion expires during the time services are on the Seasonal Convenience Plan, regular rates will apply when services are moved from suspend to active status. Pricing subject to change. Seasonal Internet Access is limited to download speeds up to 2 Mbps. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. If there is a power outage or network issue, calling, including calls to 911, may be unavailable.