How to Connect your home to FiberCast ONT?


When your home ONT is installed, following information will help you where to connect your in-home Ethernet data wiring so you can have access to the Internet. It is important to connect your Ethernet Switch or Router to the Gig Ethernet Port so you can have the maximum speed available. Please note that Gigabit Ethernet requires all 8 wires to be used between devices. If you are wiring yourself, following is the color sequence on Ethernet connectors:

Ethernet Wiring Colors

The ONT is in router mode by default and this will satisfy the need of most homes. If you like to use your own router, we can change it to what is called as BRIDGE-MODE which will bypass the ONT’s router function to customer router (this is for those tech savvy customers).

ONT - Internet Ethernet Port


Please use the Ethernet port on the left hand side and make sure LAN2 led is lid (please ignore the LAN numbers under the ports and pay attention to the LAN2 LED). This is the Gig Ethernet port on the ONT for customer use.

This Ethernet connection will need to be connected to one of the following based on your home network setup:

  • WiFi Acces Point’s WAN Port (not LAN which is the common mistake we have been seeing the non-technical customers are making)
  • An Ethernet Switch
  • A Computer’s Ethernet port

Please note, your device/s will need to have GigE Ethernet port in order to achieve speeds higher than 100 mbps, AND Ethernet cabling has all 8 wires connected (not the old 100M style 4 wires).


ONT picture


Following information will help you understand the status of the ONT when powered up:

ONT picture



  • Do not bend the fiber cable – it needs to take smooth turns in order to work properly, it is made of glass and fragile
  • Do not remove the ONT from its installed location
  • Do not remove the fiber connector, and do not look in to the fiber where there is invisiable light
  • Do not reset the ONT (the little hole marked with reset), which will require a site visit to restore the configuration

Please note, due to rush order of the latest batch of ONTs we received are incorrectly marked below the Ethernet ports as LAN1 & LAN2 (supposed to be LAN2 & LAN1 matching the LEDs above the ports). Please confirm the correct port connected with the corresponding LEDs (your Internet port is LAN2 and the LAN2 LED will lid when connected and that is the default customer Gig Port for Internet services).


Can customers use the second Ethernet port on the ONT?

By design each Ethernet port is mapped for one service profile and can not be shared.


Why cell phone wifi calling doesn’t work?

If you have a WiFi Router combo device (most homes do), it is recommended to use your WiFi device in ACCESS-POINT mode (this will eliminate what is called DOUBLE-NAT on your network which may break voip devices to connect to their provider, eg: wifi calling on cell phones).


What is NAT?
NAT: Network Address Translation – NAT allows a single device, such as a router, to act as an agent between the Internet (or public network) and a local network (or private network), which means that only a single unique IP address is required to represent an entire group of computers to anything outside their network.


Is it better to connect to 5GHz or 2.4 GHz WiFi? – Range or Speed

If you want better range, use 2.4 GHz (but slow speeds). If you need higher performance or speed, use the 5GHz band. The 5GHz band, which is the newer of the two, has the potential to cut through network clutter and interference to maximize network performance. (5Ghz signal will have hard time penetrating through walls therefore it should be used in the same room where the WiFi Access Point is).
Ethernet hard-wired connections will be the best way of connecting those Smart-TVs, Gaming Consoles, and Desktop Computers in order to achive full capability of your Internet connectivity.